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Address:982 CUIHUA South Road,Xi'an
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Qu Jiang Yinzuo Hotel is a comprehensive and fashionable business hotel featuring the integration of lodging and catering. It is 200 meters away from the south of the intersection of Yanzhan Road and Cuihua Road, situated in the west of the road, next to Qui Jiang International Conference & Exhibition Center. Located in the center of Qu Jiang Administration and Business District, it enjoys the convenient transportation, only 300 meters away from metro station, five-minutes walk to axis of Xi’an-Chang’an Road, and two-minutes driving to the World-famous Place Wild Goose Pagoda and Tang Paradise. With its unique geographical location, it may be your ideal choice for commercial activities, tourism and vacation.

Qu Jiang Yinzuo Hotel covers more than 2200 square meters, with breathtaking views and graceful lines design, incorporating modern international fashion elements. A combination of classic Chinese and western architectural culture uniquely created an impressive symphony of contemporary fashion style. Qu Jiang Yinzuo Hotel is the new statue in the heart of new CBD of Xi’an Qu Jiang administrative district. The hotel has 285 rooms with various styles, catering for all the requirements of guests. The rooms are elegant and luxurious, and the furnishings inside are all carved elaborately and attentively. Here, free Wi-Fi internet access and direct dialing phone service provide you a convenient environment to handle official business. And the particular family-style suite and fully equipped kitchen inside may enable you to feel at home, in which you can also invite your friends to have parties, or refresh yourself after one-day hard work. For its customized family-style service, you may feel greatly touched apart from the praise for its profession. “Tang Yan” Chinese restaurant on the 12th of the hotel with the total area of 820 square meters. About 180 persons can enjoy the meal at the same time, meanwhile, there are 6 VIP dining rooms with various types respectively. “Tang Yan” restaurant spares no effo